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Afraid of Contracting Coronavirus?

The benefit of knowing how to prevent yourself and your families from capturing coronavirus is that it helps to protect you from other infections and diseases, too!

It’s time to act and prevent opportunistic virus and infections form compromising your health.

We live in unprecedented times with may restrictions – and the virus floating away in the air we breathe.

Never has proper breathing been more crucial to human history, hence the explanation for my correspondence. stay calm, don’t panic and breath properly.

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Why Is That Important?

Yeah, all of us have paranasal sinuses.
The purpose of these is: the skull is lightened by the sinuses and Enhance our voices, but their key role is to build a mucus. The mucus that moisturizes the interior of the nose. This layer of mucus safeguards the nose from toxins, micro-organisms, etc. as well as Viruses and bacteria, pollen, ashes and dust.

Turbinate’s’, also known as nasal conchae or conchae (plural), are shell-shaped channels of bones, vessels, and tissue in the nasal passageways. These systems are responsible for heating, humidification and cleaning the air we breathe.

With knowledge of the aforementioned structure and how-to breath in and out properly, the human body has a first-line defensive system to fight against any organism that tries to penetrate and compromise our wellbeing.

But there is one point where we don’t have any power over our breathing and that is when we are sleeping. But we should also take basic steps, such as:

  • Make sure that we have a small elevation during sleep. By this I imply, if you use one cushion – increase to two or three – if that’s not possible – lift the top of your bed to two or three volumes. This helps the diaphragm effect of breathing by decreasing the pressure of lying flat.
  • Sleep on the left-hand side – medically known as the left side of the healing position – this position means that all internal organs are correctly positioned with no undue strain that could disrupt the breathing process.
  • Mouth closed – this is important in the global crisis. We must keep our mouth closed throughout sleep. The above interventions support, but when the muscle tone loosens during our unconscious state, the jaw will drop, the lips break apart and the mouth is open – a clear pathway to the disease. Consider the simple method of applying microporous tape so that the tape with small holes positioned vertically from the nose to the chin helps to keep the mouth shut. Whenever it felt uncomfortable when you were asleep, you would unintentionally remove it.

Right breathing is the mechanisms and function they play in preserving better health and shielding our lungs. The diagram above shows the right breathing – In and Out Of the NOSE!

Nasal sinuses and their purposes

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Why All Of This Is Important During This Disease Outbreak?

This virus can enter our body VIA our mouth. It can stay on and develop in our gums; this gives us a sense of sensitivity/irritation or an overall impression of discomfort/pain in the mouth.

This can be relieved by mouth washing with a suitable mouthwash or by preparing a quarter of a spoonful of unrefined sea salt in hot water. You can gargle to extract the virus from the throat and swallow it. When in the intestine, the virus will be eliminated by existing hydrochloric acid.

When the mouth breathing continues, the infection is passed onto the pharynx/larynx, causing a sensation of a sore throat.

This now allows the infection clear entry to the lungs where it magnifies the effects of increased shortness of breath and fluid build-up ending in bacterial pneumonia.

At this stage, the virus can be transmitted from the infected person through a droplet infection by sneezing, coughing or contaminated tissues/door handles/ Clothes or something that has been contaminated by an infected human.

So, it is of utmost importance to maintain your breathing pattern in the correct way possible. If you still have any sort of issue, I am open to discussion, contact me on email jill@idealbreathcoach.com.

Things you can do to protect yourself
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Minerals; ,Zinc, Magnesium etc. – These can be found in Unrefined Celtic sea salt –(Sel-De –Guerande)- contact me for details

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