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Jill McGowan, International Researcher, Award-winning Optimal Breathing Life Consultant & Neurolinguistic Program Master Practitioner

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Dr Jill McGowan

I had been suffering from asthma from a very young age. When staying at home, my mother a sensible and clever woman, did everything she could to cure my asthma without using any medication but once I began my nursing career, I was guided to Ventolin. And man, I got hooked; my conditions just got worse.

I worked with the Russian lecturer of medicine Konstantin Pavlovic Buteyko. He was a source of wisdom and helped me on a path that reversed my symptoms to regain my fitness, endurance physical and psychological well-being.

But my path of wellness and optimal breathing did not comply with the Western Medicine Standards, since it did not have any prescription medications, and it was impossible to get any of the regulatory bodies involved.

The point was that there was no scientific evidence that this would succeed, and no one was interested in supporting a study on a method that would make individuals healthier and minimize or eradicate the need for drugs.
Medical trials are sponsored by pharmaceutical firms to show that the treatment is working. I took constructive action and sold my home, and contributed 35 % of my income to conduct a clinical trial. This was a big step and a good one for sure.

The outcomes were excellent, so I wanted to share this with the public now but in my clinical career there were many limitations if I did not comply with guidelines. So, I needed an alternative

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Certification with The Coaching Masters was not an easy experience, but one of the most insightful and challenging courses I’ve ever done.
I’ve learned how to build a 12-week course where I can teach clients to achieve ideal breathing, optimal fitness and psychological well-being.
I also trained as an NLP Master Practitioner which will help improve my career and benefit my clients.

My online practice has been strengthened by the help of my advisors and personal coaches. This granted me the independence to fly and work from everywhere in the world, my only need is my laptop and my smartphone.
I have financial independence and a lifestyle that I never considered conceivable. I love spending quality time with my family and performing social events that I never thought I would be doing.

I made a wonderful wellness achievement when I learned to breathe correctly. Since upskilling in breathing, I’ve reviewed how to talk, how to stand, how to move, and how to walk more appropriately, all the stuff I didn’t realize there was a skill required not only to get around but to do a lot better.

Ideal Breathing Coach

Time To Help

I became The Ideal Breathing Coach to help people achieve similar wellness advancements as I had undergone myself. It was also very useful to keep me focused, informed and up-to-date on trends in the world of breathing so that I could better manage my progress, and continue to learn and not only apply it for a short period.

Since then, I have collaborated with Pro athletes and talented sports players and females who want to achieve an advantage in their success and rehabilitation.

I have consulted with those whose immune response is weakened from clients seeking cancer care with little immune system intact, asthma sufferers susceptible to anaphylactic shock and sleep apnea sufferers, to help counteract their heavy breathing needs and I am proud to say that when they have started breathing correctly with dramatic changes in their conditions is significant.

I am looking forward to meeting you and understanding your situation and then make a plan of action that will provide great outcomes and stress-free life for you.
You have nothing to lose but your symptoms- I provide education so you can manage your medication!

Remember EDUCATE not MEDICATE to optimal health & Psychological wellbeing

Recent Testimonial

“Being coached by Jill made me immediately feel at ease. She has a calm and professional manner and really gave me the space to open up and talk. I felt we had a good rapport and also felt comfortable opening up to her about a subject I hadn’t talked about for a long time. By doing this and addressing where my limiting belief had come from I was able to see a way to move forward. Thank you so much!”

– Kelly Cox

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